Reblogged - Jo & Nathan - A Greenwich wedding

I have recently updated my website and moved to a new host (more boring information available on request) but I didn't want to lose some of the weddings I have already blogged on the old website.

So here is Jo and Nathan's lovely winter wedding from December 2012.  I had met Jo before at another wedding where she was bridesmaid and she asked if I could come along for a few hours on her big day and get a few pictures of the ceremony and speeches before the party started.  

This was an interesting day for me, beautiful venue, short time to get as many photos as I could and no natural light to speak of.  As you can see the sun was setting by the time I arrived at the venue and by the time Jo arrived it was pitch black outside.  

I think all of this makes the pictures more atmospheric and I love the colour from the ambient light.  

The couple even had a surprise during the ceremony when the bridesmaids hired a band to hide in the congregation and start a rendition of 'All you need is love' as I'm reliably informed happens in Love Actually.

This is the wedding that first made me doubt my Nikon set up but that's a whole different geeky story that I might get around to telling you one day.  For now, take a look at just a few of the images from the day, well, afternoon...