Charlie and Simon - Somerset wedding photography

I have been sitting on this wedding for a while now so apologies for that.  It was so bright and vivid I wanted to get the blog post just right but I realised today that I just need to get it out there or I may never get it done.

The story.  One of my best promoters and wonderful make up artist extraordinaire Emily ( let me know that her friend was getting married but lived in Canada.  As with all of my overseas couples I suggested a Skype or Facetime chat but Charlie and Simon were pretty happy to liaise via email and trust that we could get what we needed on the day given my approach.  We would try, and fail, to have a phone conversation nearer the time but with Simon's parents home (and wedding venue) being in darkest Somerset with little or no mobile signal this became a tough task.

Anyway, the day came, the sun shone and Charlie and Simon's beautifully handmade day unfolded wonderfully.  With decorations and ties made by Charlie and all food lovingly cooked by Simon's mum it felt like I was being invited into something very personal.

The vibrance of colour from the flowers by The Rose Shed complimented the decoration and the feeling on the day.  Everyone had a great day and we got a great set of images for Charlie & Simon.

This wedding has also now been featured in a real wedding pull out in Wedding Ideas Magazine this month with one of the images used on the cover.  Head down to your newsagent now and buy the April issue or take a look at my blog post about it.