Anshu & Tom - Peak District wedding photography

Apologies if you are a keen viewer of the blog, I know it's been a bit barren of late.  To rectify this why not take a look at Anshu and Tom's lovely Peak district wedding.

This lovely couple found me through a referral from a previous bride and the rest is history.  The wedding took place at the beginning of May and while you can usually predict that the weather will be changeable you can't necessarily predict torrential rain and a gale blowing through.  I should have guessed I suppose, given that we were on the edge of the Peak District National Park at Beechenhill Farm.  We did get some sunny spells but generally it was pretty rotten outside

Luckily Anshu and Tom were pretty chilled about the weather situation, they didn't have much choice really, but it would have reduced other people to gibbering wrecks.  

Cuteness on the day was provided by the couple's very cute son Alex who kept everyone on their toes, especially when he fell asleep just before the ceremony!

Look out for a very inventive table plan, father of the groom vs. canopy and some framed Weetabix (long story!).