Amy & James - Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

It's amazing what waiting for a baby to arrive can do for your blogging, I'm finally catching up with 2014!

Next up, Amy & James.

This lovely couple were given my details by a mutual friend of ours and colleague of mine (regular readers will note a common theme on my referrals!)

They were married last October at the lovely Essendon Country Club near Hatfield on a slightly blustery day.  Amy had warned me about the number of bridesmaids she was going to have. The mix of different personalities definitely made for a fun morning. It was great to witness and document the goings on, the laughs and the tears (especially when the bridesmaids first saw Amy in her dress) on the morning of the wedding.

Amy was driven to the venue by James' dad in his Hackney carriage. The day continued without a hitch and, of course, more tears and laughter from most of the wedding party!  

Below is a selection of images from the day, look out for my favourite reaction from a girlfriend/boyfriend combo while said boyfriend hugs another girl for a photo.

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